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Live in Huancán, teach in Pachachaca

The first two weeks of living in Huancán have been interesting. Today in Pachachaca for example, Louise (a fellow volunteer) and I spent teaching 8-year-olds how to generally use a computer like typing in Word and drawing in Paint. I thought this were something that naturally comes to generations younger and a slightly older than mine (I am nineteen). To my surprise, these 8-year-olds do know, very well in fact, how to care for their families cattle, but have no idea what the ´red cross´ in the right-top of the computer screen means. We spent hours trying to explain the basics of the computer – one may never think this exists, but it does here in the rural mountain areas. I live with a host family in Huancán, about fifteen minutes by bus to the centre of Huancayo (though still contrasting with the city!). The people are kind and the bed is quite comfortable. The food is not great (rice and potatoes daily, and it doesn´t usually have a great taste…), but that’s part of a ¨local experience¨. Living in their house is remarkable as it lacks streaming water, internet, a fridge (!), shower and sink. In terms of modern facilities, we have light and sockets. The family speaks both Quechua and Spanish, which offers opportunity to improve skills in both languages! (Miski Mikuy, Quechua for comida rica, is the name of many a restaurant around town.)

Although we have been teaching in Pachachaca (more rural and higher altitude) the past week, tomorrow we are starting to teach at the Colegio (high school) of Huancán.