La vida de Frieda en Peru

Now I’m Huancayo, doing a Voluntario for blue sparrow..I guess i came here for the reason i maybe share with other voluntarios or travellers too:
-Curiosity about other ways of living, culture, mentality..
-Diving in and experience a different awareness of live..
-well there are many reasons why anyone decides to travel and to do a Vluntario and that shouldn’t be the theme right now..

So one month ago at new years eve i landed in cusco where i spent my first time visiting a language school to pimp up my spanish. Before i came here i had (to be honest and there’s no reason why i shouldn’t be) a few fears which can come up when you’re going to spend the next few months in a country and society which differs much from the country you are from. So one of my fears where (and still is a little bit) that i can’t communicate with the poeple here properly. And well my spanish is not the best but gracias a dios there are more ways to communicate than the correct spoken language! So for example i’m able to teach the youngest boy in the family how to jonglage and and another hostbrother showed me how to make macrame even if we don’t understand every single word spoken..
So yes i’m living here with a family a little bit outside of Huancayo..3 boys in the age between 8 and 16, a aunt, the parents a grandfather a grandmother (i’m not sure to who she belongs..) all in all a big, funny and very warm family who give you the feeling of being part of. We live in a loam house. We means i and another Volunteer (and of course the family). There are electricity, water out of the tab but if you expect warm showers and a WC you shouldn’t measure with the “normal” standard in your country, means there is no shower and the toilet is more or less a thunder bar. But what there are is a dog, a cat, chickens and even a perrot. I really enjoy myself and the live in the family for we have everything we need in material and things like friendliness, helpfulness and obove all joy of living.
To be honest i don’t like this when other foreigners tell me how they have mercy on the poeple living here because they have nothing. It’s right they usually don’t have much money, big cars and so on but they have something what gives me the feeling that they’re somehow more real. Like we (who r coming from countries where it’s normal to have an i phone) are so busy to show who we are with the assistance of material things we have long forgotten to experience ourselves in a basic way of living, which in my opinion is an really healing experience..

Well however at the beginning i couldn’t enjoy myself as much than i can now, just because it’s (even if you have your hands and feets) not easy to communicate in a foreign language, accomodate to a new family etc. But i’m learning and right now i’m so happy to be here inspite of all difficulties!

Maybe i should write what life looks practically.. so what happened today: I woke up at 8 what’s a bit later than usual. i went to the thunder bar and washed my face outside with the cold water out of the basin under the tab. For breakfast we had bread (which baked the aunt who is cook), potatoes and noodle soup. Then i wanted to go with my hostmother to the market that means we jumped on one of the collectivos (mini busses which you can stop along the road) drove through this chaotic, anarchic traffic and got off at the market. We walked through this colourful, lively market to get all the things we needed. Tomorrow is my turn to cook a meal which is tipical for my region. Today was the turn on the other volunteer. So when we came back we were all together in the kitchen to prepare the meal which was really delicious. After the meal i felt like sleeping or at least having a coffee but we had no time for this luxury because we had to be at 2 o’clock at the technic center. This is actually one part of the volunteer work. Here the kids should learn how to use computers and working on different projekts. Well to be honest one more time i doubt if i’m the right person for computer stuff but maybe we can learn from each other and maybe i can serve with some ideas..

So that’s how my day was so far..and it’s fine!
I think thats enough for now and there’s nothing left to say but i didn’t regret my decision to come to here at all!!


4 responses to “La vida de Frieda en Peru”

  1. Fanny Gansi says :

    Enjoy your time in peru. Nice to hear sour feeling good.
    And think at the guinypig you should bring back to germany for me 😉 (alive!!!)

  2. David Inglett says :

    Hola, I’m flying out on 11th if March and arrive in huancayo on the following monday. Hope to meet you. Thanks for your post it’s nice to hear other peoples experiences Cheers David ps

  3. dinglett says :

    I am flying out from London on the 12th of March and hope to see you there. Sounds like your having a really good time. Thanks for your comments, it gives me a bit more of an idea what to expect. Cheers David/ Gabe

  4. frieko says :

    De nada 😀 hasta lluego!! Look forward to a great time!

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