José & Joanna’s volunteer experience

Living in the Andes has been a true challenge, nevertheless one that I will remember for a long time. The cold nights, the tons of potatoes (for breakfast, lunch, and dinner), the lack of internet/technology are but a few challenges you will face, however, there is always the light at the end of the tunnel. How many times have you woken up to beautiful scenery? or had your breakfast starring at a pig? or had a lot of kids running around you as enter their school? Volunteering with Blue Sparrow offers you many challenges but above all, it offers you a way of life that you will not be used to. Be prepared to take initiative, to be open minded and to have FUN.
When you finally decide to come to the Peruvian mountains in order to help the local children in their education, beware, as the day of your arrival will be a sudden farewell to the Internet, your i-phone and other technological gadgets. Life will become quite difficult due to the lack of proper light and extremely cold nights, but I am sure, the roar of a donkey waking you up every morning will really make your day.
I believe, this cultural clash between the young volunteers and the traditional world of Pachachaca is a great life lesson, as suddenly you have to face completely different reality. The volunteers are there to broaden the horizons of young Peruvians, to show that their life is not only limited to the little mountain village. On the other hand, volunteers feel like taken back in time whilst living with the locals, so they are definitely taught more humbleness and maturity. I think that both sides gain a lot from this cooperation. I would recommend participation in a project, as it clearly opens your mind.



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